Sunday, November 13, 2016

Verona: Juliet's Balcony and Roman Amphitheatre

Doug and I enjoyed another beautiful day exploring Verona; after crossing the Adige River on the Ponte Pietra, a Roman arch bridge, we made our way to the historic city centre.

We entered the historic city centre through the Porta Borsari, an archway at the end of Corso Porta Borsari.  It's the facade of a 3rd century gate in the original Roman city walls.

Once inside, I photographed the back of the Porta Borsari.

As we walked along, I took photos of buildings and decorative reliefs

The sidewalks got more congested as we neared Via Cappello no. 23 - the early 14th century house claimed to be the Capulets' - and Juliet's balcony.

Shakespeare's tragic love story draws tourists to Juliet's purported balcony.

Doug and I then walked to the Verona Arena, a Roman amphitheatre (built in the first century) in Piazza Bra.

It's in use today - with a capacity of 15,000 - for large-scale concerts, festivals and opera performances.  Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Who, Pearl Jam, Whitney Houston, Sting, etc. have performed at the Verona Arena, as well as Adele on May 28-29 as part of her Adele Live 2016 Tour.

Promoters were setting up for a music festival the day Doug and I were there.

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