Sunday, September 27, 2015

More Cosplay Ladies Visit Doug

(couldn't pass up a photo with Batman)

Lovely cosplayer is also studying art in Nova Scotia - Canada's second-smallest province; she sat next to Doug on their Air Canada flight from Toronto to San Diego.

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Todd's Coffee Jam Piece

Doug drew a classic winking bunny drinking coffee!

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Doug's Behind the Camera When Tom Visits Big Wow Art Booth

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SDCC Booth #4244 - GeekNation

Big Wow Art, where Doug has exhibited since 2007, was only a few rows down from GeekNation so I was able to stop by the booth before the doors opened to the public.

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Space Exploration: Doug's 1970s News Cartoons

The Martian, a space survival thriller starring Matt Damon, opens Friday, October 2nd so I thought blog readers might enjoy seeing some of Doug's single-panel news cartoons focusing on space exploration during the early 1970s.

For nearly 20 years, starting in the mid-1960s, Doug's SCOOPS and Doug Sneyd news cartoons appeared daily in newspapers throughout North America.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Doug's Pencil Portrait Sketches

Doug's pencil profile sketches are popular with convention attendees.

After Doug started this 10 x 14 pencil portrait sketch, he learned it was going to be a surprise birthday gift.

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Cosplay Interview With Riddle

Ben Pace (left) stopped by the Big Wow Art booth to interview Riddle, Doug's booth neighbor.  Pace calls SDCC the "Super Bowl of Cosplay."

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More Photos: Riddle and Doug at the Big Wow Art Booth




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Offsite Insurgent Promotion

After leaving the convention center and walking back to our hotel in the Gaslamp District, Doug decided to check out the Insurgent-themed porta potty, complete with hanging wires and Miles Teller magazines.

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Miss Piggy: Doug's 1979 SCOOPS News Cartoon

ABC premiers The Muppets Tuesday evening, September 22nd; the series opens with "Pig Girls Don't Cry."  

Miss Piggy "stars" in this ABC pilot episode so I thought blog readers might enjoy the humor of Doug's 1979 news cartoon pondering if Jim Henson's prima donna pig could be the "new face" of the CBS Evening News, made popular by news anchor Walter Cronkite, who was called the "most trusted man in America."  

Cronkite helped launch the CBS Evening News in 1962 and was its news anchor until he retired in 1981.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cosplay Ladies Visit Doug

Great Playboy bunny costume!

(couldn't pass up a photo with Batman)

(enjoys new costume next day)

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Before SDCC Opens to Attendees: LEGO Booth

To get up close to see exhibitor displays, I try to walk around the convention floor right before the hall opens to the public.

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September 1987, p. 97 Playboy Cartoon

Doug's full-page color cartoon - caption:  "Having my own phone is no big deal, Daddy --- all the other girls have their own beepers." - was also reproduced on p. 157 in The Art of Doug Sneyd, published by Dark Horse Books in July 2011.

The original is among the 30 full-page Playboy cartoons held in the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa.

To see more full-page color cartoons, visit:

the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at

the Doug Sneyd Gallery at

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