Sunday, April 29, 2012

Visit to Disney and Universal Studios

Doug and I flew into Anaheim a few days before WonderCon started Friday, March 16 so we'd have time to visit Disneyland; we enjoyed beautiful weather while checking out the promenade shops, open-air cafes and entertainment at the Downtown Disney District.

After WonderCon closed Sunday, March 18, Doug and I visited Universal Studios - celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. It's the oldest American movie studio, with a 415-acre movie lot, that's still in continuous production; the next oldest is Paramount Pictures.

Universal "rolls out" the red carpet for visitors!

Doug got a chance to chat with an impersonator for Lucille Ball, the queen of comedy.

"Jaws" is one of several movie icons featured at Universal.

On our way to the studio tour, with comedian Jimmy Fallon the video host, we stopped for a photo op at a replica of the famous Hollywood sign, erected in 1923. Today's letters are 45' tall and cover 350' in length.

The tram slowed down so we could take pictures of the cars featured in "Back to the Future."

Only in the movies: we paused at a recreation of the crash site from "War of the Worlds" directed by Steven Spielberg; Norman Bates' "Psycho" house is in the background.

Doug couldn't resist a chat with Marilyn!

While waiting for the show featuring Universal's Animal Actors, I had a photo op with Jonas.

Kevin Costner's 1995 "Waterworld," a post-apocalyptic science fiction film, is a popular attraction with visitors to Universal Studios despite being nominated for four Razzie Awards and achieving only moderate success at the box office.

The fountain inside the main gates at Universal Studios pays tribute to the men and women of the film industry.

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Sara and Andrea Asked Doug To Do 10 x 14 Pencil Sketches at WonderCon

Sara (from San Francisco) wanted Doug to do a pencil sketch suitable for framing.

Doug started the last day of WonderCon by doing a 10 x 14 pencil sketch of Andrea (from Los Angeles). He prefers using 100% cotton, 140 Lb. cold pressed Arches of France paper for these.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Original Art: Blond With Blue Eyes / Visit Doug Today at Pittsburgh Comicon

Today's the final day for the Pittsburgh Comicon, where Doug is exhibiting as a Guest of the ToonSeum.

Artwork for sale at Doug's booth during the 3-day convention includes:

Playboy cartoon originals and preliminary pencil and color roughs
personalized copies of Unpublished Sneyd
24-page convention sketchbooks
2012 Fabulous Faces series, including Blond With Blue Eyes

We thought you might be interested to see Doug working on Blond With Blue Eyes; artwork from his 2012 Fabulous Faces series is also available for purchase on his Premium Gallery at:

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Doug Personalizes Unpublished Sneyd With Sketches of Ginger, Ellen and Jasmine

Ginger and her husband Ron wore costumes Saturday to WonderCon and decided it would be fun to also have Doug sketch Ginger in Unpublished Sneyd.

Ellen's husband wanted a sketch of his wife in
Unpublished Sneyd; problem? She didn't come with him to WonderCon. Could Doug sketch her from a photo on his phone? Not a problem!!!

Jasmine (from Venice, California) enjoyed the chance to pose for a sketch.

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Wearing Costumes Made 2012 WonderCon More Fun for Attendees

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Original Art: Blond with Martini Rendered for Pittsburgh ToonSeum 11 x 17 Limited Edition Print

We thought you might be interested to see Doug working on an 11 x 17 Blond With Martini watercolor original, promoting the Thursday evening, April 19 "Martinis and Toons" fundraiser for the Pittsburgh ToonSeum.

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