Sunday, October 27, 2013

SDCC Costumes

The Big Wow Art group, where Doug has exhibited since 2007, is in a prime location on the main aisle near Artist Alley so getting photos of some great costumes is easy.
Pierre Bernard, graphics designer for Conan O'Brien, always stops by to visit with Doug; naturally Pierre couldn't pass up the chance to have a photo taken with some lovely ladies.

Although the aisles were crowded, I still managed to get photos of some great costumes during the 5-day SDCC.

Visit with Blacksmith Tony Swatton

Doug and I met blacksmith Tony Swatton in 2007, our first year at SDCC exhibiting with the Big Wow Art group.  Tony, who fabricates swords, weapons and armor for movie and TV productions, stopped by to introduce us to his fiancee, sculptor Karen Cope.

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LEGO Booth

The building-toy company LEGO attracted attention at SDCC this year with a number of life-sized figures, including Iron Man and Superman.

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Saying "Hello" to Friends from Imaginism Studios

Everyone's busy during the 5-day convention in San Diego, but I always enjoy seeing friends from Imaginism Studios
Bobby Chiu is president of the Toronto-based independent concept art studio working in film, television, gaming and publishing; clients include Hasbro, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures Animation, and Harper Collins.
Bobby introduced me to Sam, an intern at Imaginism Studios; I missed seeing Kei Acedera, but Doug and I later saw staff members and interns at dinner in Toronto at the close of Fan Expo Canada the end of August.

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SDCC: Sideshow Collectibles

Money's no object when it comes to what movie studios, TV networks and retailers spend to entertain and entice SDCC attendees; the multi-booth exhibit by Sideshow Collectibles was, indeed, impressive.  See for yourself.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Busy Time in Doug's Studio: 10 x 14 Artwork for Paris

Whether working on a Playboy cartoon, commission or artwork for comics-cartoon conventions, Doug is busy in his studio.
His 2013 U.S. schedule ended September 13-15 in Cincinnati; his last appearance for the year will be November 23-24 at the Paris Comics Expo, where fans and collectors can buy original artwork, like these 10 x 14 watercolor originals, limited edition prints and sketchbooks.

SDCC: Doug Does Portrait Sketches for Raequel, Winston and Ed


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Lovely Ladies in Costume Visit Doug at Big Wow Art Booth

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Cinema Makeup School Students Get Creative for SDCC

You see a lot of fantastic costumes during the 5-day SDCC; Spiderwoman definitely got a 10 for creativity!

When a winged monster made a surprise stop across from the Big Wow Art booth, hundreds of people stopped to take photos.

I always take time to visit other exhibitors, and after seeing both Spiderwoman and the winged monster, I had to stop and talk to Lee Joyner, Director of Admissions, at the Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles.

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SDCC Displays

I took an early a.m. walk on the main floor to check out a few more displays/booths before the aisles got packed with attendees - enjoy!

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