Sunday, September 30, 2012

Original Artwork: Electra

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Dark Horse Comics Schedules Doug for Signing at SDCC

Before returning to Dark Horse headquarters in Milwaukie, Oregon, David Scroggy - vice president of Product Development - stopped by Big Wow Art to again congratulate Doug on the 2012 Eisner Award nomination for The Art of Doug Sneyd.

Doug first met David at SDCC in 2007.

Doug prepares for his 3 p.m. signing at the Dark Horse Comics' exhibit.

Signing cards promoting Doug's 248-page book, launched in July 2011 at SDCC and now in a second printing.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Doug Visits Sculptor Clayburn Moore at SDCC Booth

Doug stopped by the CS Moore Studio booth at SDCC to see both Clay and the counter sample of Chlorine, the first-ever limited edition collectible statue based on his unpublished work.

For information on ordering and delivery of Doug's mermaid statue (one-eighth scale), contact:  The CS Moore Studio.

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TV/Gag Writer Jenny Klein Visits Doug at SDCC

Doug and I are always happy to have Jenny visit us at SDCC; she's currently writing her second episode for the CW's Supernatural and is a member of The Big Game Hunters, an LA-based sketch comedy troupe.  She's also been writing gags for Doug the past few years. 

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Visiting Kei Acedera & Bobby Chiu from Imaginism Studios

When in San Diego a visit with Kei Acedera and Bobby Chui from Imaginism Studios is at the top of our "to do" list; Doug and I met them on a July 2007 Toronto to San Diego flight. 

In addition to specializing in movie production and children's books,  Imaginism Studios offers online art classes, such as Drawing Fundamentals, Character Design and Gesture Drawing.  After visiting Kei, we went to see Bobby at the Schoolism booth.

Through Imaginism Studios, workshops are offered in Toronto, Vancouver, London, Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis, Italy.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pierre Bernard Visits Doug During SDCC

Doug and I met Pierre several years ago at SDCC; we always look forward to his stopping by the Big Wow Art booth.  This year he couldn't resist buying one of Doug's 11 x17 watercolor originals.

Pierre has been a graphic designer with Conan O'Brien for 20 years; he's also been on-air with "Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage." 

Pierre also brought "LaBamba" to SDCC this year to meet Doug.  He's been a member of the house band on Conan's late-night talk shows the past 20 years.

While Pierre and a friend were looking over Doug's 11 x 17 limited edition prints, Lynn Johnson - creator of "For Better or For Worse" and a 2012 Special Guest at SDCC - stopped by Doug's booth to show us one of her convention purchases.

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Stephanie and Charity Get Commissioned Sketches

This was Stephanie's first visit to SDCC; she's from Houston, Texas.

Like Stephanie,  this was Charity's first time attending SDCC, but she was familiar with Doug's cartoons in Playboy because she has a subscription to the magazine.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Catwoman: Limited Edition Print Exclusive at Montreal Comiccon

If attending the Montreal Comiccon, stop by Doug's booth (check program for location) to purchase his latest 11 x 17 limited edition print (1-50) - an EXCLUSIVE debuting at the September 14-16 convention.

Doug, exhibiting as a Featured Guest, will be happy to personalize limited edition prints, priced at $50.00 each.

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Doug Sketches Winston and Suzy at SDCC

After purchasing a 10 x 14 B & W original of a Sneyd classic gorgeous lady, Winston (from Los Angeles) decided to have Doug do a commissioned pencil sketch of him.

Doug will do commissioned 9 x 12, 10 x 14 and 11 x 17  sketches at the Montreal Comiccon September 14-16; he's a Featured Guest.

Doug enjoyed talking to Suzy (from Glendale, outside Los Angeles) while he did a 9 x 12 pencil sketch of her.  This was her second year attending SDCC.

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2012 SDCC: Lovely Ladies Visit Doug at Big Wow Art Booth

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Playboy Reporter & "Avenger" Bunnies Visit Doug During SDCC

Playboy assigned a reporter to cover SDCC events so she naturally stopped to talk with Doug, who's had over 450 full-page color cartoons published in the magazine since September 1964. 

A visit by the "Avenger" bunnies to see Doug at the Big Wow Art booth was so cool!!!

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Souvenir of Lori's First SDCC - An 11 x 17 Sketch


Although Lori and her husband (from San Diego) had a busy day planned for Saturday, July 14 - SDCC in the morning and a concert that afternoon, she decided an 11 x17 commissioned sketch by Doug would be the perfect souvenir of her first SDCC!

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