Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pierre Bernard Visits Doug During SDCC

Doug and I met Pierre several years ago at SDCC; we always look forward to his stopping by the Big Wow Art booth.  This year he couldn't resist buying one of Doug's 11 x17 watercolor originals.

Pierre has been a graphic designer with Conan O'Brien for 20 years; he's also been on-air with "Pierre Bernard's Recliner of Rage." 

Pierre also brought "LaBamba" to SDCC this year to meet Doug.  He's been a member of the house band on Conan's late-night talk shows the past 20 years.

While Pierre and a friend were looking over Doug's 11 x 17 limited edition prints, Lynn Johnson - creator of "For Better or For Worse" and a 2012 Special Guest at SDCC - stopped by Doug's booth to show us one of her convention purchases.

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