Sunday, May 27, 2012

Erin and Amy Have Doug Do 10 x 14 Pencil Sketches During Pittsburgh Comicon

This was Erin's first visit to the Pittsburgh Comicon; she thought Doug's 10 x 14 pencil sketch would be a special convention souvenir.

Amy (from the Pittsburgh area) seems pleased with her 10 x14 pencil sketch.

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Doug Sketches Pittsburgh Comicon Attendees Ashley, Samantha and Mindy in Unpublished Sneyd

This was Ashley's first time attending the Pittsburgh Comicon; we hope Doug's sketch of her in Unpublished Sneyd, a collection of his 100 favorite Playboy gag rough rejects, will be a great convention souvenir.

Samantha and her family drove in from Charleston, West Virginia.

Mindy (from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) is a regular Pittsburgh Comicon attendee.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Original Art: Redhead With Green Eyes for 2012 Fabulous Faces Series

We thought you might be interested to see Doug working on Redhead With Green Eyes, one of his Fabulous Faces series for 2012.  This and other classic Sneyd ladies are sold at comics-cartoon conventions - like the Dallas Comic Con this weekend - or through the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at

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Pittsburgh Comicon: Doug Does Commissioned Sketches at Comics-Cartoon Conventions

Comics-cartoon conventions, like this weekend's Dallas Comic Con or the April 20-22 Pittsburgh Comicon, are a great opportunity for fans to meet artists and have them do commissioned sketches.

These are a few pencil/ink sketches Doug did during the 3-day Pittsburgh Comicon; his next comics-cartoon convention is July 11-15 in San Diego, the largest comics-cartoon convention in North America.  He will once again exhibit with:  Big Wow Art.

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April 20-22: Pittsburgh Comicon Attendees in Costume Visit Doug

Artist Stuart Sayger, who designed artwork for the back cover of the convention program, stopped by Doug's booth for a chat. 

Comics-cartoon convention attendees enjoy wearing costumes; the Pittsburgh Comicon was no exception.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blond in Yellow Bikini Debuts at Dallas Comic Con

Doug always features new original art when exhibiting at comics-cartoon conventions throughout the year; the Blond in Yellow Bikini is one of several originals available at the 2-day Dallas Comic Con, May 19-20, at the Irving Convention Center, Irving, Texas.

Original artwork is also available by visiting his Premium Gallery at:  

Doug Sketches Pittsburgh Comicon Attendees Kenna and Michelle in Unpublished Sneyd

A personalized sketch in Unpublished Sneyd is a great souvenir for attendees.

This was Kenna's first time attending the Pittsburgh Comicon; she's from Scranton, PA.

Michelle has attended the Pittsburgh Comicon for a number of years.

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Sightseeing in Pittsburgh Before Exhibiting at the 3-day Pittsburgh Comicon

The Andy Warhol Museum, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is seven floors of drawings, prints, paintings, sculpture, film and video - as well as archive material and documents of Warhol's life.  The iconic artist was born and educated in Pittsburgh; he moved to New York City when he was 21.

Warhol painted the 1972 BMW M1 - in the museum lobby - with chunks of red, green and blue; it's part of an exhibit titled Warhol and Cars:  the American Icons.

The car, which is part of the BMW art collection, raced in Le Mans in 1979.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History houses 22 million objects, specimens and artifacts and is the third largest repository of dinosaur fossils in the world.  Doug and I were very impressed with the Dinosaurs in Their Time exhibit.

The Carnegie Museum of Art has an impressive collection of artwork- from ancient Egypt to the present; the Maya Lin exhibition features her original, spare approach to interpreting landscape - whether mountainous typography or tracing the flow of American rivers.

After seeing Claude Monet's Water Lillies - Doug and I have visited the water gardens of Giverny, we decided to enjoy the quiet space of the museum courtyard.

We thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, opened in 1893.  It's located in one of Pittsburgh's largest greenspaces, Schenley Park.

The Orchid Room is LOVELY!!

The Broderie Room at the conservatory recreates the design of formal French-style knotted gardens.

The National Aviary is America's only independent indoor non-profit aviary; it's home to over 600 birds and more than 200 different species.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

11 x 17 Blond Wearing Pink Bikini Debuts at Dallas Comic Con May 19-20

Doug is a Featured Guest at the Dallas Comic Con May 19-20 and will sell:

Playboy cartoon originals and preliminary development pencil and color roughs

personalized copies of Unpublished Sneyd

24-page convention sketchbooks

limited edition prints and 11 x 17 watercolor originals

He'll also do commissioned sketches during the 2-day convention:

Saturday, May 19 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday, May 20 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In addition, Doug will be happy to personalize copies of The Art of Doug Sneyd - just stop by his booth.  The 248-page book, featuring 270 of his Playboy cartoons, is published by Dark Horse Comics and a nominee for a 2012 Eisner Award in the Best Humor Publication category.  Eisner Award winners will be announced Friday evening, July 13 at the San Diego Comic-Con.

We thought you might be interested to see Doug working on the 11 x 17 Blond Wearing Pink Bikini, rendered on Arches of France 100% cotton watercolor board using Dr. Ph. Martin's aniline dyes.

To view more of Doug's originals, visit his Premium Gallery on

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