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New CAF Gallery Room Opens Soon, Features Cartoons from Playboy Press Publications

caption:   "She's a lot of blonde for the money, 
assuming you want a lot of blonde and you've got the money."

In addition to Doug having nearly 500 full-page color cartoons published in Playboy magazine since the early 1960s, Playboy also published a limited number of his cartoons - including the 6 on this blog post - in annual Playboy Press publications, including:

Playboy Presents SEX and Other Late-Night Laughs
 • Playboy Cartoon Album
The Best from Playboy
The Pocket Playboy

Fourteen of these full-page color cartoons from Playboy Press publications will be posted and available at a new gallery room - opening the end of August/early September -  at the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at: 

caption:  "He doesn't really watch soap operas - he's just into panty-hose commercials."

caption:  "He's really fit - 150 cholesterol, 60 resting pulse rate and 
a 10 minute recovery time after he comes."

caption:  "We'll see, Howard - have your secretary call my secretary."

caption:  "I'd like to work you into my circuit training program."

caption:  "You got a photo radar ticket in the mail.  
I want to know - who's the blonde with her legs around your neck?"

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Playboy Cartoon: Hef's Approved Gag Rough/Preliminary Sequence - July-August 2015

caption:  "It'll never work, Harry.  You think the best things in life are free, and I charge by the hour."

Approved loose-style gag rough - "OK color page H" in black pen.  8 1/2 x 11 on 24 lb. paper using aniline dyes.

Most of Doug's loose-style gag roughs (8 1/2 x 11) sent to cartoon meetings for Hef's selection and approval were done in pencil and black Sharpie permanent marker, but if there was time, he'd do some in color - first the flesh tones, then the other colors, one-by-one.  This added step made it easier for Hef to quickly visualize the essence of the gag during a meeting that involved hundreds of gag roughs from several different artists.

Although the initial preliminary pencil rough - image area 6 3/4 x 8 1/4 on heavy tracing vellum - generally followed the blocking of characters and the setting drawn in the approved gag rough, Doug changed the girl's arm position, added more cars in traffic and implied, by adding a planter, that the two were talking on a downtown sidewalk.

In a follow-up pencil rough, however, Doug reworked both the guy's and girl's clothing, her arm position and the background setting - a carriage ride in the park implies romance and sophistication.

(Was the carriage driver's cap instead of a top hat what made Doug change the background setting again???)

image area 7 x 9 1/4 on heavy tracing vellum

Doug was obviously satisfied with the position of the girl's arm but wanted to consider a different dress style - image area 5  10 1/2 on heavy tracing vellum

Doug's known for his attention to details so it's not surprising that he worked up another pencil rough - image area 7 x 9 1/2 on light tracing vellum - with different clothing for the girl, blouse with a 3/4-sleeve, and background setting, popular sidewalk cafe.  He also decided to move the Sneyd signature to the lower left corner.

The biggest change to the final pencil rough - image area 6 3/4 x 9 on heavy tracing vellum - was to the background setting.  Doug decided that in an earlier pencil rough it was too crowded so he cut the crowd down to 2 patrons, including a girl drinking a martini.  He also moved the cafe awning up higher but was still undecided about the placement of the moon.

Doug typically xeroxes the final pencil rough and then applies aniline dyes for the color rough.

Instead, he did a hand-drawn rough on Arches of France cold press art board (image area 6 1/2 x 8 1/2) and left space at the top to further "test" color selections before going to final art.

Still not satisfied, he did a second hand-drawn color rough on Arches of France cold press art board (image area 7 x 9 3/4) and made a few minor tweaks - the seated girl's glass, the awning, etc.

To see more available approved gag roughs and Playboy preliminary pencil and color roughs, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

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Playboy Cartoon: July-August 2014

caption:  "I consider it a victimless crime, but if you want to be a victim, that's fine with me."

preliminary pencil rough, image area 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 on heavy tracing vellum

To see more of Doug's available Playboy cartoon originals and pencil and color prelims, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

Approved loose-style gag rough - "OK 2 column color HMH" in red pencil.  The full-page color cartoon was published on p. 71 of the July-August 2014 issue of Playboy.

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Loose-style Original Art

15 x 20 original art rendered on Arches of France cold press art board using Dr. Ph. Martin's aniline dyes.

To see more available original art, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

Please note:  this is a photograph of the original

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Ontario Writer Features Doug in Book on Happiness

Doug is one of *37 people interviewed by Ontario writer Peter Jennings on the subject of happiness.


• John Robbins, author and social activist from the Baskin Robbins family

• Roko Belic,  Oscar-nominated Director of "Happy"

• Chuck Leavell, Rolling Stones keyboardist and environmentalist

• Nicole Moore, survived a shark attack leaving her disfigured but still greets life with a smile

• Shawn Green, famous Major League Baseball legend

Jennings writes in his conclusion:  "It's been an awesome journey, engaging with truly remarkable individuals who I've been privileged to learn from as they revealed their joy of happiness, and why it does indeed matter to them."

Chapter 21, pp. 119-123 begins with Doug (third photo/top left) reflecting:  "I get great joy out of making people happy."

The 200-page paperback - second print edition:  July 2017 - is available at:

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