Sunday, August 5, 2018

Ontario Writer Features Doug in Book on Happiness

Doug is one of *37 people interviewed by Ontario writer Peter Jennings on the subject of happiness.


• John Robbins, author and social activist from the Baskin Robbins family

• Roko Belic,  Oscar-nominated Director of "Happy"

• Chuck Leavell, Rolling Stones keyboardist and environmentalist

• Nicole Moore, survived a shark attack leaving her disfigured but still greets life with a smile

• Shawn Green, famous Major League Baseball legend

Jennings writes in his conclusion:  "It's been an awesome journey, engaging with truly remarkable individuals who I've been privileged to learn from as they revealed their joy of happiness, and why it does indeed matter to them."

Chapter 21, pp. 119-123 begins with Doug (third photo/top left) reflecting:  "I get great joy out of making people happy."

The 200-page paperback - second print edition:  July 2017 - is available at:

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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