Sunday, November 27, 2011

Doug Sketches Wendy and Aisha

Wendy (from Toronto) wanted a sketch so she could frame it.

While sketching Aisha (from Toronto), Doug learned she is a makeup artist/creative director of Chacha Cosmetics.

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Lovely Gals in Costumes Visit With Doug

Fans Wait to Meet Anime Voice Star Vic Mignogna in Signing Area

Vic Mignogna is best known for voicing Edward Eric in Fullmetal Alchemist & Brotherhood; Fullmetal Alchemist is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiromu Arakawa.

Mignogna is also recognized for work on Dragon Gall Z films and Tsubasa Chronicle.

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On the Road: Helsinki

"Church in the Rock," which opened in 1969, was blasted out of solid rock and capped with a copper-and-skylight dome. It's at the top of a hill in a residential neighborhood.

When inside, most visitors are unaware of an air raid shelter under the "Church in the Rock." The shelter can accommodate 6,000 people.

Stainless-steel sculptural tribute to Finland's greatest composer, Jean Sibelius. The abstract work consists of 600 stainless-steel pipes built on solid rock in a lovely city park.

The green-domed 19th century Neoclassical Lutheran Cathedral is the "star" of the Senate Square. The huge staircase in front of the cathedral is a popular meeting spot in Helsinki.

Nearly 350,000 people visit the Lutheran Cathedral each year and can't help but be impressed with the magnificent organ.

Moose sculpture at the entrance to the National History Museum, which has the largest collection of animal specimens in Finland.

The National Museum of Finland has impressive displays of folk costumes, furniture, armory and prehistoric artifacts.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doug Personalizes Unpublished Sneyd With Sketches for Yvonne and Fernando

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Disney Interactive Studio Adjacent to Busy Celebrity Signing Area

Fan Expo Canada organized a busy 4-days for attendees wanting to meet celebrities and get autographs.

Sci Fi guests included: William Shatner, Eliza Dushku, Tom Felton, Hayden Panettiere, Lee Majors, Katee Sackoff, Sam Trammell, Kevin Sorbo, Michael Biehn and Karen Allen.

Horror guests included: Robert Englund, John Waters, John Astin and Elvira.

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Ontario Blacksmith Stops To Visit With Doug

Doug met blacksmith Bill Fedun last year at Fan Expo Canada; he enjoyed talking with him again this year as well as meeting Madeleine Wilson, who's wearing one of Bill's custom designs.

Bill works on armour, shields, knives and swords in his studio in Metcalf, Ontario, which is located about 15 miles south of Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

In addition to promoting the South Tower Armouring Guild, Bill also teaches armour and chain mail-making and swordsmanship at Algonquin College and, through the City of Ottawa, at the Plant Recreation Centre on Preston Street.

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On the Road: Stockholm

Our first stop in Stockholm was the Stadshuset, the seat of the capital's government. It's also the venue for annual Nobel Prize festivities. We're in the courtyard of the impressive building, which opened in 1923 and reportedly has over 8 million red bricks and 19 million chips of gilt mosaic.

Rooms decorated with gilt mosaic provide an elaborate backdrop for the annual Nobel Prize banquet; Doug took my picture in front of the Statue of Liberty/U.S. flag.

This display at City Hall shows the china, silverware and crystal used at the Nobel Prize annual banquet.

During a tour of Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan), the guide stopped at the Iron Boy, the tiniest public statue (of about 600 statues) in the city. It is said to honor the orphans who had to transfer cargo from sea ships to lake ships before Stockholm's locks were built.

Stockholm's oldest square - Stortorget -features colorful historic buildings, cafes and shops.

The Vasamuseet complex is quite large, but the highlight is the 3-floor museum housing the warship Vasa, which has been meticulously restored after capsizing on its maiden voyage in 1628. It was top-heavy because of an extra cannon deck and sank in 20 minutes. (The replica of the complex is outside the entrance to the Vasa museum.)

Fortunately, we had beautiful weather for an afternoon visit to Skansen, the world's first open-air museum. It was founded in 1891 and showcases Swedish life and customs of bygone days.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doug Sketches Lindsay in Hydra Costume

Lindsay and her husband Bron (from Toronto) had Doug to do a 9 x 12 pencil sketch of Lindsay in costume; she came back to visit a few hours later - this time in a Sue Storm Future Foundation costume.

Both of Lindsay's Marvel-themed costumes worn at Fan Expo Canada were created by Dani, a professional costume designer from Toronto.

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Costume Designer from Ottawa Visits Doug

Edith Chartier (left), a costume designer from Ottawa, stopped by Doug's table in Artist Alley and mentioned that she was participating in several scheduled Steampunk events, including the Steampunk Fashion Show, Steampunk 101, and Steampunk Costuming 101.

The next day she stopped by Artist Alley with a different costume (far right) and other Steampunk-inspired Fan Expo attendees, who planned to participate in the Steampunk Meet and Greet Costume Reception and Steampunk Photo Shoot.

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Owner of Attic Raiders Talks With Doug

After Doug talked with Melissa Wartenberg, owner of Attic Raiders - Steampunk Wonder Works from Edmonton, Alberta, I visited her booth at Fan Expo Canada.

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On the Road: Oslo

The landmark tiger sculpture outside the train station in Oslo.

Oslo's largest park is named after the sculptor Gustav Vigeland, whose 212 sculptures depict humanity. The Wheel of Life was modelled in 1934. The wheel is a symbol of eternity and consists of a garland of men, women and children holding onto each other in an eternal cycle.

A second wrought iron gate in the 75-acre park leads up to the 56-foot tall Monolith comprised of 121 human figures, carved out of a single block of stone, supporting and holding onto each other.

Doug is on the roof of the 3-year-old opera house, which seats 1,300 in the main theatre. The $614-million opera house is part of a larger harbor redevelopment.

The Fram Museum, which opened in 1936, houses the 125-foot polar expedition ship that took Roald Amundsen deep into the Arctic and Antarctic. He was the first person to raise a flag on the South Pole.

The Viking Ship Museum houses 3 of the best preserved 9th century Viking longboats in existence.

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