Sunday, November 20, 2016


If you play chess (Doug does, I don't), you might have heard of the medieval walled city of Marostica, which every September (in even-numbered years) hosts a 3-day human chess game in the central square of the city.

Market day is held weekly outside the city walls.

Although Doug and I visited Marostica the Monday after the 3-day living chess game, the city was still promoting chess.

The legend of the Marostica chess game dates back to 1454; the first modern game, organized by the local chess club, was staged in 1954 with over 600 players in costume.

At a coffee shop near the central square, I took a photo from a promotional display of the human chess game a few years ago.

Grandstands hold about 3,600 spectators at each of the weekend's 4 chess games; the next living chess game is September 7-9, 2018.

We had a very interesting day exploring the beautiful 14th century walled city.

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