Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ferrari Museum Visit

Doug and I had a GREAT afternoon at the Ferrari Museum.  Before going inside the museum, we had time to see several of the luxurious high-performance vehicles in the parking lot outside the entrance. 

The museum first opened in 1990, with a new wing added in 2004.  The number of annual visitors is around 180,000.

In addition to cars on every floor, we saw displays, hands-on exhibits and historical objects related to the Italian motor racing industry.

A Ferrari would have been a WOW!!! souvenir; a Ferrari cap was more affordable, however.

The top floor of the museum had an interesting display wall with trophies and photographs of top Ferrari drivers.

This is a mock up of Enzo Ferrari's office.

Please note:  this was a tour of the Ferrari Museum - not a factory tour.

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