Sunday, January 12, 2014

Photos from Doug's 1991 Visit With Smilby in England

Doug's family Christmas was December 21st, and while the turkey was roasting, I got out family photo albums.  In a 1991 album I found photos from Doug and his late wife's trip to England.  While there, Doug visited fellow Playboy cartoonist Francis Wilford-Smith and his wife Pamela; they lived in a lovely thatched roof home on the border of England and Wales.
As a cartoonist, Francis Wilford-Smith used the pseudonym Smilby, a contraction of his surname and his wife Pamela's maiden name.  In addition to providing cartoons for Playboy, he was a producer and archivist of blues music.

Doug's late wife and Smilby in the living room.

A photo of Smilby's home - with sheep in the backyard.

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