Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cosplay at Paris Comics Expo

When Doug and I got to the Paris Comics Expo Saturday morning, we saw lots of attendees in costume waiting in line, but throughout the day, we didn't see many walking the aisles and stopping to pose for photos.  Where were they?
After lunch, while Doug was doing interviews, I decided to check out the convention floor.  The aisles were crowded, but a big crowd was in the far back corner at the performance stage watching presentations, contests and panels. 
And to either side of the stage, cosplayers were posing at photo boards and 2 backdrops with lighting.   

I convinced Doug to check out the back performance stage area Sunday afternoon so I could get a few photos for the blog since the cosplayers in Paris, unlike at U.S. comics-cartoon conventions, seemed to avoid the aisles of exhibitors and artists.

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