Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heidi's Montmartre Portrait Sketch

Doug and I stayed in a 2-bedroom apartment in Montmartre during our Nov. 14-28 trip to Paris, and although it was chilly, we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon exploring Montmartre's Place du Tertre.

Some complain that the old village square is a tourist-trap of overpriced restaurants, cramped shops selling Paris trinkets and aggressive street artists, but we enjoyed wandering the cobblestone streets watching artists do sketches and caricatures. 

Naturally some had more talent than others.  After watching one artist do a portrait sketch that both Doug and I thought was a good likeness done in a slightly abstract style, I asked him to do one of me.  While I posed, Doug talked with the him and soon the two were discussing pencils, paper quality, etc.      

I'm pleased with the portrait sketch and plan to have it framed once Doug and I get to my condo on the Alabama Gulf Coast for the winter.  It's a special souvenir of our recent visit to one of our favorite cities  in Europe.

With art in hand, we decided to take a final walk around the square before hailing a taxi and going back to the apartment and an early dinner.

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