Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paris Cuisine

Our DK Paris guidebook writes:   "The French national passion for good cuisine makes eating out one of the greatest pleasures of a visit to Paris."

So true!  In fact, within a few hours of getting unpacked, Doug and I walked a few blocks for lunch at Le Paprika, one of 2 restaurants in this building near our apartment in Montmartre.  Friends working nearby highly recommended eating here; the menu featured both Hungarian and French dishes.  I preferred the Hungarian menu - the goulash soup was delicious!

The following day we had lunch next door at Auberge du Clou; in fact, we returned several times for dinner and really appreciated eating in the upstairs dining room because the fireplace was so inviting!  The food, friendly staff and service was wonderful!

We were fortunate that a friend who owns a shop near restaurant itineraires in the Latin Quarter made a dinner reservation for our large group; the popular Michelin star restaurant offered delicious food, a knowledgeable, friendly staff and a superb wine list.

Most of us ordered one of the 2 multi-course options and the staff provided excellent explanations and recommendations in English, which I appreciated because both my French and familiarity with "nose to tail" dining are minimal!

Presentation of each course was so unique and visually tempting that I couldn't resist taking photos, especially when it came to our 3 delectable desserts!

The Paris Comics Expo (Nov. 23-24, 2013) entertained Featured Guests, including Joe Benitez (far left) and Frank Cho (center), at the close of Friday's expo at a lively French restaurant near the convention center.  Doug and I enjoyed talking with Steffi (far right) from Berlin.

The expo provided fantastic 2-course lunches for guest artists and friends both days.

After the 2-day expo closed on Sunday, a small group went for dinner at L'Assiette, another recommended favorite.  We weren't disappointed; the pate was delicious!!!

Wine was equally GREAT!

Conversation ceased when the main course was served; the cassoulet - a hearty classic French dish that gets its name from the pot its baked in - deserved 5 out of 5 stars!!!

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Crystal Carson said...

Thanks for letting us see a little glimpse of your trip to Paris. I have to agree with you, as delicious as the food looks and probably tasted, it certainly is all in the presentation. Some of the pictures you took could easily be hanging on a wall in a museum somewhere. They really do go all out in Paris.

Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks