Sunday, July 3, 2011

On the Road: Bamberg

Our tour began early Sunday morning and surprisingly streets in the Old Town were empty, even though nearly 10,000 + runners from all over Europe were arriving to compete in the 5th World Heritage Race hosted in Bamberg.

It's easy to see why Bamberg has been designated a UNESCO world Heritage site; there are over 2,400 beautiful listed buildings.

Bamberg was my favorite city during our 15-day river cruise.

One of several entrances to the Bamberg Cathedral, a late Romanesque building with 4 grand towers.

Although it was too early in the year to appreciate the rose garden at the Neue Residence, the grounds were lovely.

Doug and I decided to stop for coffee and watch the start of the race in the Old Town.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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