Sunday, July 24, 2011

CS Moore Studio Blog: Sneyd Mermaid Statue, Part 3/Tail Revisions

"After talking with Doug, I lengthened her tail and slimmed it in the hips and rear area. You'll see in the photos a bit of an evolution in that once I made the adjustments, I decided to give her tail somewhat of a feminine legs crossed look or at least the illusion of that. It gives some variation and a more vibrant, dynamic feel to the tail. I also gave it a nice flip at the end. Once I started in on the changes as per Doug's input, I immediately saw the improvement and once I sent the photos to him, he was very happy with the result."

SDCC attendees should stop by the CS Moore Studio booth - 2800 - and talk with sculptor Clayburn Moore about the limited edition collectible statue based on a never-before-published Sneyd mermaid cartoon. The 1/8 scale statue is scheduled to ship in Third Quarter 2011.

Keep checking on Doug's blog and the CS Moore Studio website blog for updates on the development of the Sneyd Mermaid Statue.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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