Sunday, July 17, 2011

CS Moore Studio Blog: Sneyd Mermaid Statue, Part 2/The Torso

"At this point, I felt the most important aspect of the sculpture was to capture Doug's approach to Chlorine's torso. I worked in the body and more or less finished out the surface to give Doug a good idea of the direction I was going. I studied Doug's work and did my best to sculpt breasts that he would feel captured that "Sneyd" aesthetic.

I wasn't too worried about her tail yet, although I did want to show a nice shape and realistic weight to her lower body - as if she really were sitting on a rock. At the same time, I was going to work on finishing the tail soon, so I was hoping for some feedback and I needed to have enough there so that Doug could comment . . . and he did. While he liked the body and commented very favorably on that, he explained that the tail was too thick at the hips and too short to work well with the look of Chlorine's upper body and for the overall composition."

Follow the development process of the first-ever limited edition collectible statue based on Doug's work by visiting the CS Moore Studio website blog. Chlorine, as the statue is fondly called, is scheduled to ship in Third Quarter 2011.

SDCC attendees can visit the CS Moore Studio booth - 2800 - to get additional information about Chlorine, a 1/8 scale statue based on a never-before-published Sneyd mermaid cartoon.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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