Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Scrapbook: Lyon

Lyon's hallmark basilica.

Interior of the Notre Dame de Fourviere.

The massive trompe l'oeil features paintings of 30 famous people of Lyons - past and present, including filmmakers the Lumiere brothers, silk weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard and crime writer Frederic Dard.

La Fresque des Lyonnais was done by Cite de la Creation, a group that has been commissioned to paint wall murals for other cities in France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Mexico and Israel so keep your eyes open!

It would have been great fun if Doug could really have opened the door of the trompe l'oeil mural of the famous Lyon chef Paul Bocuse in the doorway of a typical Lyonnais restaurant.

Lyon , where the Rhone and Saone rivers converge, is the second largest industrial city in France.

The fountain in Terreaux Square, a landmark in the heart of Lyon.

How could you pass up lunch at such an inviting, quaint cafe!

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)


Kei Acedera said...

I love your latest photos! What beautiful places. Hope you guys are doing well!

Doug Sneyd said...

Dear Kei:

Take some photos while Bobby, Thierry and you are in France exhibiting in Angouleme. We'd enjoy seeing them.

Have a great trip!