Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo Scrapbook: Afternoon at Versailles

Doug and I spent a week in Paris about 5 years ago. We were so busy visiting museums, galleries, historic sites, etc. that we didn't get a chance for a trip to Versailles. So, I decided to take the optional afternoon tour to see the legacy of Louis XIV - the "Sun King."  Doug, having been to Versailles before, stayed aboard the River Baroness for an afternoon of chess on the sun deck.

Like most tourists, I was overwhelmed at the opulence, but I found the exposition of contemporary art at Versailles equally interesting. It was commissioned by the Minister of Culture.

Le Carrosse (The Large Carriage) .

Les Architectes - gardens and sculpture of the Grand Canal.

Le Mobile hovers over the Grand Escalier.

The Chapel was built between 1699 and 1709 and consecrated on June 5, 1710.

The Hall of Mirrors is decorated with 17 beveled mirrors and lit by 17 arched windows and chandeliers. It 's 73 metres long, 10.50 metres wide and 12.30 metres high. The treaty ending WWII was signed here.

The Queen's bedchamber.

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