Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Cars "Star" at Comic-Con

Once Doug's banner was up and Unpublished Sneyd books delivered to his table in the Big Wow Art booths mid-afternoon on Tuesday, I decided to check out the main floor, in particular the booths featuring Black Beauty, Bumblebee and the cube(R). I knew I wouldn't be able to get near the cars once the doors opened at Wednesday's preview night.

Black Beauty's grill and bumper-mounted weapons - even a pair of hood-mounted gatling guns - didn't intimidate the guys getting the car positioned in the Green Hornet exhibit.

Late Tuesday afternoon Black Beauty was being readied to greet Comic-Con fans attending the Wednesday evening preview. Actor Seth Rogen was scheduled to make an appearance on the show floor that evening to unveil Black Beauty, a modified 1965 Chrysler Crown Imperial which he drives in The Green Hornet. The vehicle is an homage to the Black Beauty driven by Van Williams in the original Green Hornet series. The car's weapons include rockets, mini-guns and a massive flame-thrower.

The blockbuster Transformers movies and "Bumblebee" were a major exhibit draw.

The 2010 Transformers Special Edition Chevrolet Camaro sparkled in anticipation of its debut at preview night, Wednesday, July 22.

Nissan and NBC's Heroes TV show attracted a lot of attention at Comic-Con by hosting a series of activities, sweepstakes and giveaways inspired by the all-new Nissan cube(R). Within the Heroes exhibit, technology-savvy comic book and automotive fans got to experience the car's spacious interior and interact with available cube(R) features, including an interior lighting package with 20 different adjustable shades. Clips from Heroes featuring the Nissan cube(R) were broadcast on a jumbo plasma screen in the exhibit. During the convention Nissan Street Teams in Heroes-inspired cubes(R) were also seen driving around downtown San Diego.

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