Sunday, October 1, 2017

Playboy Press 1973 Paperback: Doug's Cartoons

In 1973, Playboy Press reproduced 3 of Doug's published cartoons in the 136-page paperback, No, I'm Not Tired--

"Which way is what water, honey?!" was first published on p. 143 in the July 1965 issue and then reproduced (black and white) on p. 22 in the 1973 Playboy Press paperback.

Also reproduced in the 1973 Playboy Press paperback:

•  (p. 10) "Adultery!  My Gawd, Milicent--surely you don't think this young thing is an adult!!"

was published on p. 181 in the January 1966 issue and then featured on p. 107 in The Art of Doug Sneyd, published by Dark Horse Books in July 2011.  The 248-page hardcover book, featuring 270 of Doug's full-page color Playboy cartoons, was also a 2012 Eisner Award nominee in the Best Humor Publication category.

•  (p. 131) "Well, now he knows what a nice girl like me is doing in a place like this."

was published on p. 169 in the August 1968 issue.

To see available original art, loose-style cartoon roughs, Playboy cartoons and preliminary pencil/color roughs, check out the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

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