Sunday, October 1, 2017

1989 Cartoon Commission for Canon Mini Copier Advertising Campaign

In 1989, Hakuhodo Incorporated/Tokyo contacted Doug to work on a magazine advertising campaign in Japan to launch the Canon FC-311 photocopier.

After contacting his writers, Doug reviewed dozens of gag lines for submission to Tsunefumi Shibata, copy director at The Fifth Creative Division/Hakuhodo Incorporated.

"Here, take care of this - I'm going back in for my wife!" was approved for Doug to render as a full-color cartoon illustration (37 cm. x 49 cm.) for the campaign.

final pencil rough

final color rough

Doug also did preliminary work for a back-up gag line:

"Very good, Jeeves.   Put it over there between the Van Gogh and the Michelangelo."

first color rough

final color rough (notice placement of Sneyd and addition of small dog at butler's feet)

Additional loose-style gag lines initially submitted to the Tokyo advertising agency for the magazine launch of the Canon FC-311 photocopier in Japan.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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