Sunday, February 21, 2016

Visit to Katrina Memorial: "Scrap House"

Since New Orleans was a 200-mile drive from Orange Beach, Alabama (where Doug and I spend our winters), we checked into the Hampton Inn & Suites/New Orleans early in the afternoon so we could do some sightseeing before setting up for the Wizard World convention (January 8-10, 2016). 

The "Scrap House" memorial to Hurricane Katrina stands across the street from the city's convention center, where many refugees lived after their homes were destroyed.

New Orleans artist Sally Heller used Katrina *trash and converted a standing dead oak tree into a "menacing bayou monster" with its head stuck in a shack.  

*The bark was made of metal scraps from salvaged 55-gallon oil drums.

The public art piece was unveiled August 29, 2009 - the fourth anniversary of the devastating storm.

This commemorative memorial faces "Scrap House;" the storm's final death toll was 1,836; 705 people are reported as still missing.

The small, quiet park across from the convention center in the Arts & Warehouse District is adjacent to "Scrap House."

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