Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nov. 1988 Playboy Issue: Jessica Rabbit - Dragon*Con photo - Doug's cartoon

The cover of the November 1988 issue, featuring a stunning Jessica Rabbit, immediately reminded me of how much fun Doug and I had at Dragon*Con in 2012.  (He was a featured guest.) 

The annual 4-day Labor Day weekend convention - held at 5 major downtown Atlanta hotels, including the Hyatt Regency - draws some of the best cosplayers in the U.S.

Doug's full-page color cartoon in the November 1988 issue was published on p. 169;  caption:

"He has two distinct personalities - one chases women and the other watches football."

Look for changes and additions from this pencil rough (7 1/4 x 9 on heavy tracing vellum) to the published cartoon.  Hint:  eyebrows, frog and . . .                                                                          

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