Sunday, October 18, 2009

Avoiding Congestion Inside the San Diego Convention Center

With 125,000 attendees registered for the 40th annual Comic-Con, it was definitely a busy time in downtown San Diego and the San Diego Convention Center, but I learned quickly that the best way to get around the exhibit halls was to take a walk outside.

While walking outside to avoid the congestion in the exhibit halls the last day of the 5-day convention, I noticed a small carnival in the park adjacent to the Hilton Gaslamp, located across the street from the convention center.

On my walk outside Sunday afternoon, July 26, from booth 4903 to 601, I couldn't help but notice this costumed attendee.

There was art to appreciate outside of the convention center, too.

A lot of costumed Comic-Con fans preferred being outside of the convention center.

If you've never been to Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center, you may not be able to visualize the congestion; it's a sea of bodies moving at a slow - very slow - pace. So, getting from Big Wow Art, booth 4903, to Baby Tattoo Books, booth 601, may not seem like a problem. It is, though, if you try to weave your way through the aisles; however, by exiting the building and walking outside - as I did, you'll definitely avoid the crush of meandering bodies.

Once I got to 601, I said "good-bye" to (left) Bob Self, Baby Tattoo publisher, and (right) artist Travis Louie, who Doug and I met Thursday evening, July 23, at a private Baby Tattoo party.

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