Thursday, December 18, 2008

Doug's Annual Toronto Star Christmas Cards Celebrated the Yuletide Season

Doug's attention to detail is immediately evident in his work - whether full-page color cartoons for Playboy, illustrations for textbooks, political caricatures in his single-panel Doug Sneyd cartoons or annual Christmas cards for the Toronto Star.

"Christmas Eve, 1892, at The Toronto Star's birthplace, 83 Yonge Street. The first yuletide edition of The Star - then The Evening Star - comes off the press."
"In the early 1900's, the Toronto waterfront at the foot of Yonge Street, was a place for winter fun. Skaters and ice-boaters gathered in front of the ice-bound ferry boats, where Christmas trees marked the limits of safe ice and lent an extra touch of gaiety to the scene.

This year, 1969, the ever-changing waterfront enters another stage in its development with the construction start of a new 25-story Toronto Star office tower and plant at One Yonge Street."

Doug's 11 annual Christmas cards from the 1960s and 1970s celebrated the history of Toronto along with Canada's largest newspaper - the Toronto Star.

"Since 1892 The Star has served its readers from five different homes. This year, the presses are rolling at our new home at One Yonge Street. Behind the name plate at our new front entrance is a time capsule - to be opened at Christmas 2071."

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