Saturday, December 20, 2008

Doug Painted Toronto Landmarks for Annual Holiday Greeting Cards

Over an 11-year period, the Toronto Star hired Doug to render holiday cards, for mailing to corporate and other clients, and thus capture the the essence of Christmas traditions in Toronto.

"The day before Christmas 1998, at Toronto's charming, old St. Lawrence Market."
"The scene changes, but not the festive gaiety that Christmas brings - Toronto's Grendier Pond on the day before Christmas, 45 years ago."
"The scene changes, but not the Christmas spirit - Toronto's Yonge Street on Christmas Eve nearly 50 years ago."

This was the first of the 11 holiday cards rendered by Doug.
"Christmas snowshoe hikers on Toronto Island take a rest and admire the city skyline and reflections."

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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Skullossus said...

These are all great! After the first three, I thought "The few bits of older architecture in this city lends itself well to the warmth of the holidays. The newer building would be harder to depict" But Doug's made the monolithic Torstar building look elegant from the islands.