Monday, November 24, 2008

Miriam and Jason's Wedding Nov. 8

Miriam Kolnicki and Jason Carter, who met in Washington, D.C. and now live in Los Angeles, were married in Riverdale, New York. Doug and I looked forward to attending the wedding-reception and giving the couple our "wishes for a long and happy life."
Jim and Carla Mattson (left) and Doug and I were happy that we could share and celebrate such a special occasion with our close friends and neighbors, Bonnie and George Carter.
Golem, a 6-piece Eastern European folk-punk band, energized the wedding reception. The New York-based group frequently takes its music on the road - Chicago, San Francisco, Sarasota, Montreal, etc. If you see Golem featured somewhere, GO! The music is great!
Manhattan Samba, New York's longest-running authentic Brazilian samba drum ensemble, also entertained at the wedding reception. Ivo Araujo, director and master percussionist, and Amy Duncan founded Manhattan Samba, based on the drum groups that accompany the yearly carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro, in 1990.
"It's a great wedding reception!" Doug and I tell Jason's parents (seated), Bonnie and George Carter, who live in the same condominium complex as I do in Orange Beach, Alabama.
Jason's parents (standing), Bonnie and George Carter, visit with Carla and Jim Mattson at the reception.

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