Sunday, January 6, 2019

January 2004: 50th Anniversary Issue

Since the first issue of Playboy, covers featured both gorgeous ladies and the iconic Bunny - an exception, however, was the January 2004 Fiftieth Anniversary Issue.  The Bunny had the cover to himself.

Doug had two cartoons in the issue:

• "Well, your singing was off-key, but I really like the big finish."  on p. 141 of the 318-page issue.  The cartoon was also reproduced on p. 215 in The Art of Doug Sneyd, a 248-page hardcover book published by Dark Horse Books in July 2011.  It features 270 of Doug's full-page color cartoons.

• "Your husband should be home shortly, Mrs. Simpson.  He's pulling out now."  on p. 161.

To see more of Doug's available Playboy originals and preliminary pencil and color roughs, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

Vol. 8, No. 9 - September 1961

Vol. 7, No. 10 - October 1960

Vol. 5, No. 11 -  November 1958

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