Sunday, November 5, 2017

SEX and Other Late-Night Laughs: Doug's Cartoons

In 1990 Playboy Press published SEX and Other Late-Night Laughs; Doug's full-page color cartoons were featured on the cover and throughout the 96-page publication.

(cover)  "Gee, Eldon, doesn't the moon make you feel romantic?"

(p. 3)  "What's the plural of penis?"

(p. 18)  "The motives of the guy I met last night were very transparent, but then, so was my blouse."

(p. 27)  "If you come up to my expectations, I may come down to yours."

(p. 50)  "Short, about six inches, pale-green complexion, hops, eats flies. . . ."

(p. 67)  You've seen the movie, now perform the act.

(p. 81)  "It's nice, but where's the love interest?"

(p. 84)  "I dress for success, but I still like to undress for pleasure."

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