Sunday, August 6, 2017

Playboy August 1996 Issue: Doug's Cartoon, Final Pencil Rough

caption:  "I don't date athletes.  They're only interested in beating their best time."  

Although many artists work with graphics programs, all of Doug's full-page color cartoons, published in Playboy since the early 1960s, were done by hand, including loose-style gag roughs sent to Hef for cartoon meetings and preliminary development pencil/color roughs.

Part of this process also meant he might "overlay" changes by cutting out a piece of paper, gluing it down and then drawing over it.

Doug's August 1996 full-page color cartoon was published on p. 73.

To see more available Playboy originals and preliminary pencil/color roughs, visit the Doug Sneyd Premium Gallery at:

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