Sunday, December 18, 2016

Playboy's Holiday Album, 1971

caption:  "We're just helping out during the holiday vacation
 to pick up a little extra Christmas money."

Doug's full-page color cartoon - January 1969, p. 209 - was also reproduced in Playboy's Holiday Album, 1971.

Another of Doug's full-page color Playboy cartoons - December 1967, p. 253 - was also published on p. 19 in Playboy's Holiday Album, 1971 and later reproduced on p. 224 of The Art of Doug Sneyd, published by Dark Horse Books (July 2011).

caption:  "All I know is every December 25th I wake up
 and this jolly little fat fellow is in bed with me."

The 248-page hardcover book, featuring 270 of Doug's Playboy cartoon originals, is now available in a softcover art book through:

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