Sunday, March 13, 2016

New Orleans: Visit to St. Louis Cemetery #3

After exhibiting at Wizard World New Orleans, Doug and I stayed on to do some sightseeing.  One morning we visited St. Louis Cemetery #3.

St. Louis Cemetery is the name of 3 Roman Catholic cemeteries in New Orleans; all of these graves are above-ground vaults.  

St. Louis Cemetery #1 - the oldest (opened in 1789) and most *famous - is a maze of wall vaults, family tombs and society tombs.  It's 8 blocks from the Mississippi River - appeared in the 1969 film Easy Rider.

*resting place for renowned Voodoo priestess Marie Laveau

St. Louis Cemetery #2 - with a straight center aisle and parallel side aisles - (opened in 1823) sits 3 blocks back from St. Louis Cemetery #1.

St. Louis Cemetery #3 - located about 2 miles back from the French Quarter, 30 blocks from the Mississippi River - (opened in 1854) was heavily flooded during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005;  fortunately, its tombs escaped severe damage.

Doug's at the entrance to St. Louis Cemetery #3.

The above-ground vaults, tombs and mausoleums are side-by-side; however, there are 3 wide main aisles that make the cemetery appear spacious and uncrowded.

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