Sunday, July 12, 2015

Doug Meets Mermaid at SDCC

This mermaid cosplayer got Doug's attention at SDCC last year.  During a visit at the Big Wow Art booth, she loaned her trident to Doug and posed with one of his 10 x 14 mermaid watercolor originals - all rendered on Arches of France cold press watercolor paper using aniline dyes.

Doug has exhibited in San Diego with Steve Morger's art group since 2007; if attending SDCC today, stop by booth #4903 and say hello.  If you bring in a Playboy magazine, he'll be happy to sign it at no charge.

(He's had over 500 full-page color cartoons published in Playboy; his first cartoon appeared in the September 1964, p. 205 issue.)

His new 24-page sketchbook debuted at Preview Night - Wednesday, July 8th.

In addition to seeing sequential photos of Doug rendering a mermaid watercolor original, the sketchbook includes preliminary pencil and color roughs for his August 1999, p. 85 Playboy cartoon:

caption:  "Those Greenpeace types are all alike.  One minute they're all over you
 and the next they dump you for some beached whale."

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