Sunday, May 31, 2015

Doug Visits Keele, England To Trace Sneyd Ancestry

In the early 1990's Doug's oldest daughter and her husband lived in Wokingham, a market town and civil parish in Berkshire in South East England (about 33 miles west of central London). During a visit there in 1991, Doug and his late wife Shirley decided to spend a few days "searching one's roots" - as the family are direct descendants of the Sneyds of Keele, a village and civil parish in northern Staffordshire, England.  

Besides touring Keele Hall, a mansion built in the 1850's by Ralph Sneyd and now the heart of Keele University, it was interesting to explore hotels and pubs bearing the name Sneyd.

The Sneyd coat of arms, consisting of a sickle and a fleur de lis, was displayed in a number of buildings in Keele.

This plaque with the Sneyd crest - a memento of his visit to Keele, England - hangs over the fireplace in Doug's living room.

FYI:  Doug wrote about his ancestry in Chapter 9 (p. 170), "Some Other Time, Some Other Place" - The Art of Doug Sneyd, published by Dark Horse Books in 2011.

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