Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Face: 1972 News Cartoon - Nov. 1971 Playboy Cartoon

Doug had hundreds of news cartoons published in newspapers throughout North America during the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.  Most focused on politics, business, health or science, but sometimes he decided to entertain with a "play-on-words."

This single-panel cartoon, published in 1972 and distributed by the Toronto Star Syndicate, made me recall similar humor regarding a lovely actress in a full-page color cartoon published in the November 1971, p. 147 issue of Playboy.  

The movie director, standing at the foot of a bed next to the actress, is obviously irritated and yells, "Make-up!"

It was also one of 270 of Doug's Playboy cartoons published (on p. 125 in Chapter 6, The Arts and Entertainment) in The Art of Doug Sneyd.  The 248-page hardcover book was published by Dark Horse Books in July 2011.

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