Sunday, October 19, 2014

SDCC: Commissions

Jason (from Las Vegas) picked up his 16 x 20 commission of Ann Margaret at SDCC.  Because Doug works with aniline dyes, color commissions are only done in his studio.

Dan, the owner of a comic book shop in Spartanburg, South Carolina, commissioned a classic bunny pencil sketch in his journal.

Tom (from Chicago) purchased a pencil prelim from Doug's April 1995 Playboy cartoon.

Doug personalized a copy of The Art of Sneyd Sneyd for Suzanne Wilson, widow of Rowland B. Wilson, a fellow Playboy cartoonist whose relationship with the magazine began in 1967.

The 248-page hardcover book, published by Dark Horse, features 270 of Doug's 450+ Playboy cartoons.  It was one of five books nominated in 2012 for an Eisner Award in the Best Humor Publication category.

Doug's been under contract with Playboy since 1964; his first full-page color cartoon was published in the September 1964 issue of the magazine.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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