Sunday, September 21, 2014

SDCC: Quiet Wednesday Morning in San Diego

Doug and I typically fly into San Diego on Tuesday to avoid the frustration of a flight delay or "lost" luggage on Wednesday; by doing so, we don't have to set up at the last minute for Wednesday's 6-9 p.m. Preview Night.
We've stayed at the Hilton Gaslamp the past 4 years; it's across the street from the convention center, located in the Marina district of downtown San Diego, so we head over there mid-morning on Wednesday to pick up badges and drop off our banner at Big Wow Art, where Doug's exhibited since 2007.   
Although the San Diego Comic-Con International is the largest comics-cartoon convention in North America, it's surprising how empty the sidewalks and streets are only a few hours before it opens to the public for Preview Night. 
During SDCC, the sidewalk outside the Hilton Gaslamp is jammed with attendees trying to cross the street (on the right) to the convention center, walk down to the Omni Hotel (in the distance) or find a restaurant in the Gaslamp District (on the left).

During SDCC, it's hard to get a table at Lou and Mickey's, next door to the Hilton Gaslamp - not this early on Wednesday, though.

The sidewalk outside the Hilton Gaslamp and across the street from the convention center, with a capacity for 125,000, is deserted Wednesday morning.

During the convention, it's a LONG wait to exit the convention center, cross Harbor Drive and go to hotels and restaurants in the Gaslamp District.

No cars, trucks, or pedestrians outside of the convention center - hard to believe!!!

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