Sunday, December 1, 2013

2013 Annual Bunny Hutch Dragon*Con Kick Off Party and Costume Contest

The annual Bunny Hutch Kick Off Party and Costume Contest at the PULSE bar at the Marriott Marquis Hotel was an unofficial start to Dragon*Con festivities over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta this year.
As more convention attendees checked in Thursday evening, August 29, the hotel lobby was packed; bunnies, playboys and friends met in the PULSE bar balcony for the party and costume contest, hosted by Stormy O'dell, Jim Piazza and Lisa Bregent. 

Lisa (in pink) coordinated registration for the costume contest and took pictures of participants because there were 7 costume award categories.

The flyer promoting the annual Bunny Hutch Kick Off Party and Costume Contest read:  "As per tradition, we welcome all bunnies and playboys - from classic cocktail to crossover madness, we love you all as long as you're in ears and tails or a smoking jacket and you behave like you would at the Mansion!"

Doug was a celebrity guest along with model Veronica Smith and artists Todd Lockwood, Joseph Corsentino and Donny Ha Corsentino.

Bunnies and playboys - cocktails and cottontails!  It was a fun start to Dragon*Con!

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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