Sunday, February 26, 2012

Maclean's Highlights Doug and His Playboy Cartoons in the Monday, March 5, Issue

Maclean's - Canada's only national weekly current affairs magazine - published a 3-page feature on Doug and his work with Playboy since the early 1960s. The issue - dated March 5, 2012 - was available on newsstands Thursday, February 23rd.

"Hef's bosom buddy" - written by Senior Writer Nicholas Kohler - appears on pp. 58-60.

It begins: "For half a century, Doug Sneyd has worked for Hugh Hefner, publishing more that 450 cartoons in Playboy magazine from his home in Orillia, Ontario . . .

Sneyd didn't set out to become a Playboy cartoonist --- or even a cartoonist at all. Far from it. Yet his sensual, silly, single-panel gags, meticulously executed and vividly coloured for the past 48 years have become a Playboy hallmark. "He's an ideal cartoonist for us because he has a good eye, a good sense of humour and is able to draw a very pretty lady," says Hefner. That is made amply clear in The Art of Doug Sneyd, a lavish coffee table book published last year - by Dark Horse Comics - with some 270 of his Playboy cartoons . . .

"Just a very lush, realistic style," says Chris Kemp, a Toronto musician who writes gags (the one-liners under the art) for Sneyd. "All his women are beautiful but there's an innocence about them, an ingenue quality" . . .

Two of Doug's full-page color Playboy cartoons were reproduced for the 3-page feature in Maclean's:

"I'm a hooker --- that's what a nice girl like me is doing in a place like this." - published October 1973, p. 89

"Six months of community service? What do you think I've been doing?" - published July 2007, p. 100

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