Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friends and Colleagues at SDCC 2011

Doug and I met Bobby Chiu, president of Imaginism Studios in Toronto, and Kei Acedera on a flight from Toronto to San Diego for our first SDCC in 2007. Later, they convinced Doug to exhibit at Fan Expo Canada, where he's been a Featured Guest the past 2 years.

We've remained friends over the years and are glad they're obviously enjoying The Art of Doug Sneyd, which is now in a second printing.

Dean Yeagle, creator of Mandy, is also a cartoonist for Playboy magazine.

Doug has been exhibiting at SDCC with Big Wow Art since 2007; his corner is across the aisle from Stan Sakai and his wife. Stan is the creator of Usagi Yojimbo ("rabbit bodyguard"), a comic book series introduced in 1987.

Doug first met Tommy Castillo in 2009 while exhibiting in Artist Alley at MegaCon in Orlando.

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