Sunday, June 5, 2011

On the Road: Passau

Doug discovers one of the Passau's nooks and crannies in the old town, which thrived for centuries because of river traffic; the salt trade helped establish Passau as a major cultural center and trading town.

St. Steven's Cathedral is located on the old town's highest point. It was destroyed in a devastating 1662 town fire and rebuild in the Baroque style and houses the world's largest cathedral organ - 17,974 organ pipes, 233 stops and 4 corillons. Doug and I attended a noon organ concert there.

Many cities along the Danube have flood markers; this doesn't seem to be a problem this year, however, as we were told that unless the region gets rain soon commercial barge and river cruise traffic may have to be restricted or halted.

The Glass Museum features nearly 30,000 items on display from the 1700s to 1930s. It's a "must see" in Passau.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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