Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lynn Johnson's Loveable Farley Finds A Home in Orillia

In addition to being the Pattersons' lovable and heroic sheepdog from Lynn Johnston's internationally syndicated comic strip For Better or For Worse, Farley is also the face of the Farley Foundation, established in 2001 by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association.

Lynn allows the Farley Foundation to use the limited edition ultra-soft plush Farley to raise funds for the foundation; she gave Doug and me a Farley prototype as a hostess gift this summer when we entertained her; Playboy gag writers Jim Foster, Chris Kemp, Paul Marshman and Pudge McDivitt; Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera and Thierry Lafontaine from Imaginism Studios; Andrew Hunt and Shera Bechard, Miss November.

The foundation assists seniors (in receipt of the Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement) and disabled persons (in receipt of the Ontario Disability Support Payment of the Federal CPP Disability Benefit) to access emergency veterinary treatment for their pets. In May 2007 funding was also extended to assist women at risk of abuse who have fled to a women's shelter and whose pets are being cared for through OVMA's SafePet Program.

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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