Sunday, February 28, 2010

1974 Playboy Publication

Doug had 14 cartoons included in The Twentieth Anniversary Playboy Cartoon Album, published in 1974. They were:

"This bed cost me $63 three years ago. So far I've made $78,432 profit on it."
August 1967

"How far did I go in school? Well . . . occasionally, all the way."
July 1967

"These are our loving cups."
March 1966

"Adultery! My Gawd, Milicent --- surely you don't think this young thing is an adult!!"
January 1966

"Please, Chief --- let me frisk just one?!"
February 1966

"Well, of course there's no one else, Harry!"
January 1968

"Well, I won't be bothering you and pop with any more embarrassing questions!"
February 1965

"No need to be embarrassed; since I'm a doctor, your warm, lush, full body doesn't bother me a bit."
April 1970

"We hear tell you've a new line of bed warmers, Brother Fairbrass."
November 1969

"You'll like my parents --- they're out of town most of the time."
August 1969

"I hope you're the kind who kisses and tells --- it's good for business.
September 1965

"So you're not Amelia Earhart. We'd still like to take you back with us."
June 1967

"The undertow is terrific!"
September 1968

"It's today?"
February 1972

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