Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Public Service Project on Nuclear Energy Published Doug Sneyd Cartoon

In 1979 the non-profit educational organization, Committee for Nuclear Responsibility, published An Irreverent Illustrated View of Nuclear Power. The collection of articles and cartoons, compiled by John W. Gofman (Professor Emeritus of Medical Physics at the University of California, Berkeley), was published as a public service.

The 248-page book was "dedicated to the cartoonists, whose insights contribute so enormously, so delightfully, to public education and human decency."

Doug's single -panel cartoon appeared on pg. 184; John Gofman personalized Doug's book, writing, "My great admiration for your elegant work. And my deep thanks to your help in making this public interest project possible."

The Committee for Nuclear Responsibility was based in San Francisco, California.

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