Monday, February 9, 2009

A Sneyd Original To Celebrate My Birthday

Doug created a special birthday bouquet to celebrate my birthday.

The flowers will always stay fresh, he joked, because they're in watercolor!!!

(blog posts by Heidi Hutson)


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! :) When is Doug's Birthday? You both are looking fresh and young! Take Care and Happy Valentines Day!

Doug Sneyd said...

Hi, Anthony:

Thanks for your B-day wishes! Doug is a Sagittarius. The Mardi Gras season is underway here already; a great parade was scheduled for the evening of February 14 in Fairhope, Alabama. We've gone there in the past, but the area was expecting heavy rain so we decided not to go. It's about a 45-minute drive from Orange Beach to Fairhope. Instead, we went for dinner at Perdido Beach Resort (where we celebrated New Year's Eve) and later danced to Jim & John in the lounge. We didn't get any Mardi Gras beads, moon pies etc. but we had a great time.