Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo Scapbook: Prague, Part I

In additional to the intriguing, varied architecture, Prague entertains tourists nearly 24/7 - whether it's talented street musicians in concert along the Vltava River, in the opulent Rudolfinium Concert Hall or performing Vivaldi and Mozart in one of the two Municipal House theaters.
On our first evening in Prague, a few us went to the Pilsen House restaurant in the basement of the historic Art Nouveau Municipal House for a casual meal and traditional Czech entertainment. (from left - Pam, Gordon, Heidi, Doug, Nancy, Liz and Doug)

A delicious buffet breakfast was served each morning in the original theatre area of the previous hotel, which opened in 1901 and was also used as a cabaret venue and theatre. The hotel/theatre was closed during the Communist take-over, but eventually restored and reopened in 2004.

Our 4-night stay at the K + K Hotel Central in Prague was wonderful. It's one of the oldest Art Deco buildings in Prague and located in the heart of the historic Old Town. (Notice the detail on the staircase and elevator.) It was only a 10-minute walk to the Czech National Museum on Wenceslas Square.

On the way to Prague, our tour stopped at Czesky Krumlov, ranked as one of the most wonderful medieval cities in Central Europe - the castle complex is the second largest in the Czech Republic. We did some shopping at the market square.

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