Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gardens of Villa Taranto of Lake Maggiore

Our beautiful weather continued with a morning visit to the Gardens of Villa Taranto on Lake Maggiore.

The 40-acre park - started in 1931 by Captain Neil Mc Eacharn's botanic passion - features azalea, rhododendron and camellia avenues, rare lilies and 300 varieties of dahlias.

As we walked closer to the fountain, Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" was playing in the background - perfect!!!

After we left the dahlia beds, we walked up to the greenhouse and were amazed to see "monster" water lilies.

Victoria Cruziana (Santa Cruz water lily) inhabit the upper reaches of the Amazon; the lily pads, with a thick rim, can measure up to 7 feet.

Although neither of us have a "green thumb" for gardening, it was a delightful morning!

(blog entries by Heidi Hutson)

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